Netflix instant movies

It’s not like Hollywood is slowly, they are rather asleep. While their distribution model has stuck in the past, the bullet train (customer expectations) has long departed.

I see a movie advertising and I want to see it tonight - not in a cinema for which I need to buy tickets, have to go there (come back). Hollywood tries so hard to protect its value chain (and margins), that consequently is forcing people to search for alternatives.

Now - they arrives. Netflix and Amazon Prime have better content than BBC and Warner. Or would anybody argue, that Grand Tour is a wold better than the new awkward Top Gear.

And there it was. A trailer for a new Cloverfield movie. As it played, cool, I thought — I’ll probably go see that. Then, another thought: actually, if I’m being honest, that probably isn’t one I would go see in theaters. But I’d totally watch it when it’s out on “video”, my mind continued. And then the boom:

Only on Netflix. Tonight.

Wait. What?!

Netflix had just taken my internal debate and turned it on its head. We’re used to seeing ads that preview movies coming out in the next few months. They’re meant to plant the seeds of desire and to kick off a barrage of messaging to build anticipation for an opening. Not anymore.